Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dino Land: First Color Attempt

Dinosaur time is probably going to need more exploration than the time travelers house. Simply because the style of it is so important. I suppose with this sketch I was trying to get a feel for the basic colors more than anything else. Next I'll attempt to do a lithographic style.

The perspective was based off the pitch boards. I might play around with different perspectives? landscapes? What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I have less of a vision for Dino Land. I really like the style of palm trees you have here, and I'm starting to look up some prehistoric plants to see what kind of funky stuff we can get. (Cretaceous trees are funny!)

    And man, it looks just like the pitch boards. I'm just impressed anyone could read them that well. HOW CAN THIS BE?

    But yeah, the shots in the pitch boards are pretty loose. The animatic will probably change the perspective of most of the shots, so go ahead and play with anything you can think of! Again, I have little vision on it. Just that the lighting should probably be bright, to give an obvious contrast to 'present' day. I like where it's going here, the two paintings are pretty good opposites. They oppose each other while also complimenting. Maybe we can push vibrancy and put some bright flowers in. The Cretaceous period was known for the beginning of the evolution of flowering plants.

    Again, I'm gathering reference, but it doesn't need to be scientifically accurate. We're going for whimsy.

    I'm so excited!