Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dino Land: First Color Attempt

Dinosaur time is probably going to need more exploration than the time travelers house. Simply because the style of it is so important. I suppose with this sketch I was trying to get a feel for the basic colors more than anything else. Next I'll attempt to do a lithographic style.

The perspective was based off the pitch boards. I might play around with different perspectives? landscapes? What do you think?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time Travelers House

I did a quick speedpainting of the Time Travelers house. I was thinking he could have brass/copper spokes and tubes coming out every which way, failed inventions, etc. What do you think of the colors? Warmer? Cooler? I'll do a few more this weekend.

Environment Refs 1

I just went into Google images to show me some British countryside. I like the idea of overcast, but not necessarily about to pour. Just stratus clouds, the kind that shields the sun but doesn't rain for days. I want little to no blue in the images.

As for he vibrant green seen here, it needs to me muted, kind of like in the stormy image on the bottom left. That bottom left image is the closest to color that I want, though maybe a little warmer, rather than vibrant. (Sepia)

As for houses, this is what I'm looking for, but maybe more whimsical with tapering and all that jazz.

I'll try to whip out some color keys pretty soon.

Also, the Beat list has been revised.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dino Concepts 1

Having a harder time with him for some reason. Not getting anything I'm happy with.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time Traveller Concepts 2

Getting pretty close to what I want. Any suggestions?

The body i have there is a bit too crazy though. I need to tie the shape and clothes down.

Pretty happy with the face though. He just needs to be drawn a little more to be more consistent, but this is pretty much it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Style References 01

Cassandra brought me these images too, I'm getting really attached to them.

These drawings by Albert Robida are just the time period and look that matches our character. The more I look at it, the more I think of using this as the visual style, especially for the 2D elements. Specifically the two drawings on the bottom. What an awesome find!

Wiki has an awesome full res of the color image on the lower right there.

As far as the time machine, steampunk is the way to go! I like the idea of it being metallic and shiny. I'll probably look at some old cars and subs too to get an idea for an enclosed vehicle, as we need the dinosaur to be able to sit on it.

Thanks a lot Cassandra. Hope you don't mind me posting them for you!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Time traveller Concepts 1

He needs a name; I'll take a look around some baby name sites and find something really pretentious.
Here is some old stuff for the previous concept. Same-ish characters, so a good start.

Then Cassandra came up with this awesome drawing.

This is an awesome start. He's a little doe-eyed for the character though.

Notes for Cassandra:
I really liked the idea of the collar being part of the coat. I played with that a bit. What do you think?
Also, playing with the squarish face you have. I am starting to lean towards something like the man in the corner, in blue. Although I kind of like the man in red too.

Also, mustaches were fun to play with, but I keep getting back to he muttonstache.

Rough Boards

And when I say rough, I mean really rough.

Match it with the beat list. Script will come soon.
Thanks Jason (and the rest of Concept class) for helping refine... and Jason's extra awesome drawings.

Honorary blog logo.

Beat List

To kick it off, the Beat List. (Revised 4/28)

1)There is a house in a serene field, the mailbox proclaims, “Time Traveler Extraordinaire”
2) CRACK of lighting, and the time machine appears, steaming, it’s directly in front of the camera, covering the scene.
3) The door opens, and a man walks out, looking pleased with himself despite having claw-marks on his coat and the like. There is a pause as he straightens his ascot and hat, then turns to pat the trusty machine.
4) There is a scratching noise from above.
He turns and looks up, then freaks out.
We zoom out to a full shot, involving house and machine. There is a dinosaur on the machine, looking distressed.
After running in a quick circle, the time traveler runs into his house. There are rummaging noises.
The dinosaur -who has been looking depressed- starts a long, howling note, but before it can go on for too long, the door slams open and the man runs out with a broom.
He begins to poke the dinosaur with it. The reptile merely grips the machine harder, flinching and making unhappy noises.
The man flaps his hands at it, shouting angrily- and then it hits him; he smacks his palm to his forehead and darts into the machine.
We see him pulling levers and dials; his hands fly over the contraptions fluidly and frantically. He is turning a dial until it says “85 MILLION B.C.” On the edge of the frame, we see a fuel gauge that is pointing very nearly at EMPTY. Frantic, he doesn’t notice.
Cut back outside, the dinosaur is no longer on top of the machine, but sniffing at it hesitantly from the side.
After it disappears with another CRACK!; the dinosaur is examining the scorch marks left by the time machine.
Cut, and CRACK the machine has appeared in a Jurassic looking area.
The time traveler runs out, brandishing his broom and looks up.
The dinosaur is not there. There is a pause as he tries to figure it out, and decide what to do.
Thinking nothing of it, he walks calmly back into his machine.
A cut back to the dinosaur, who is now gnawing complacently on the house.
Another cut back to the man and the inner contraptions of the time machine. Turning the dial yields unpleasant cranking noises and a powering down noise.
The fuel gauge, proclaiming EMPTY is in full focus. The man’s jaw drops.
He runs outside, frustrated, and kicks the machine.
There is a pause, and it disappears.
In the empty space of sky left behind, an enormous comet is seen in the distance.