Sunday, October 24, 2010

Texture Experiments

I need some color up here!

Experiments with the textures- basically we're trying out a ramp shader with different files of different shades on it- according to principles of light. I can stand here and pretend I thought of that myself, but it was actually Xuco who came up with this- he's the master of experimentation. I'm just trying to adapt it to be more painterly.

The goal is to get it to all match up with how light actually affects objects. I made each texture file according to how light wraps around a form.

Image above from James Gurney's Blog, which is a necessary resource for any artist, regardless of specialty. All this computer work has kept me from drawing for a while... and I was surprised to notice that I was forgetting simple (yet so complex!) principles such as this. So, I turned to diagrams like this and found I still have a lot to learn...

Anyway, there's still a lot of tweaking to be done, and figuring out how they'll look with lights is still a challenge to face.

EDIT: 10/28/10 More experimentation. Added complimentary colors to highlights and shadows (blue and red.) Probably should push it more...

Removed some unnecessary maps- makes render times faster!

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